AI 9.020 slow when using scissors + Zoom (Solved)

Hello there,

I have Cubase AI 9 updated to 9.0.20, and everything works beautifully except for one thing: When using the scissors tool the program starts to feel sluggish, and things get much worse when zooming. At first I thought the hitpoints could be the cause, but I disabled and removed hitpoints and the problem persists. Is there something else I could try?

My specs: Desktop PC, Windows 7 Pro x64, AMD FX6100 CPU (Cool n’ Quiet disabled, Windows power settings in high performance mode), 8 GB RAM, 500 GB 7200 rpm HD, Nvidia GTX 550 Ti video Card, Uphoria UMC204HD audio interface.


It happens with other tools, not only with the scissors. Some times when zooming and using tools Cubase just gets a little sluggish, but other times it almost freezes and becomes unusable for a long time.

It’s a GUI redraw problem, according to other users:

Will there be more updates to LE/AI/Elements? I like Cubase but right now it feels unreliable and buggy.

Looks like I solved the problem.

Last time I updated my graphics card driver I did it from Windows Update, but today I installed the latest version from Nvidia’s page, and the GUI in Cubase is now super smooth.

I don’t know if the drivers from Windows Update are bad or if the latest release from Nvidia fixed the problem, but anyway, the important thing is I’m not having any graphics or GUI related problems.