ai 9? vs elements 9

well im not sure what i did but i tried to upgrade from ain8 to ai 9 which seemed to go fine but after running the app 4 or 5 times which ran elements it now says i have to buy something instead of just running ai9. dont know what to do now. i also own 8.5 pro but i dont need all of that and i like ai better. thoughts?

You “tried to update”? What does that mean?

If you “updated” to AI 9 (Which I don´t believe you can), you can not run Elements 9 except as a trial.

I probably didnt explain this problem well. I own cubase pro 8.5 and cubase AI 8. I actually prefer AI . I received an offer from steinberg to UPGRADE AI8 to AI9 so i paid for the upgrade and downloaded and installed it. I ran the program 5 or 6 times and now i get a message that says my trial for ELEMENTS has run out and i have to purchase it. I dont want elements. I wanted AI. Dont know what to do from here. Obviously i still cubase pro 8.5 and have been using that but i need something lighter weight, faster load time, less stuff. Ive also been using Studio One occasionally for that reason but i still prefer Cubase AI.
Any help is much appreciated.
Maybe i should contact Steinberg directly i guess.

Would probably be best…

Just downloading the upgrade isn’t enough, you have to use your license activation code. It should have been emailed to you.

Cubase AI isn’t any faster than Cubase Pro. If you’re not using a portable system then there’s absolutely no need to use Cubase AI, ever. Just learn to ignore the menu options that you don’t need like everyone else.

It also makes no sense to upgrade AI if you’re using both on the same system, because you get a license for the latest version of Cubase Elements whenever you upgrade Cubase Pro. If you were using both on the same system then you were using Cubase Elements, NOT Cubase AI.

Okay, I guess I’ll just stick with Cubase PRO. Are you sure that AI is not faster/lighter weight, etc?
I really like Cubase overall and I haven’t had any crashes since using it for the last couple of years.
It’s just that my sequencing/midi/composing needs are VERY modest (8 to 12 tracks at most) and PRO seemed like overkill.

Thanks for everyones help and comments. Much appreciated.