AI button is not working on Steinberg vst 3 plugins

Why I cannot control my steinberg vst 3 plugins with the CMC AI button?
Also adjusting the plugins with my mouse is extremely difficult what could
be the reason for this.

I am using Cubase 7 64 bit.

I hope somebody can help me



Not sure what they’re waiting for, even many of the controlroom functions in Cubase don’t work with the AI.

Hi MartijnS,

Could you give some more information about the plug-ins that are affected?

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hi Stefan,

For instance the compressor, roomworks, stereodelay, you could roughly say all the Steinberg plugins included in Cubase.
3the party plugins are working fine with the mouse.

When I use the generic editor I don’t have problems than both the mouse and the AI button are working.

Best regards,