AI control of Track Delay

Hi All,

I have just bought a CC121. Very disappointed to discover I cannot use the AI knob to adjust the Track delay from the Track Inspector. Is there any way I can control the track delay with the CC121? I use track delay to time align drum mics as well as DI and mic bass tracks. It is frustrating trying to use a mouse for this as typically I need to set the track delay in the order of milliseconds and the mouse has a much finer or coarser resolution. Any suggestions?

Looks like it’s not possible right now. All Steinberg would have to do is add that value to the QuickControl popdown list or enable the AI hover on that value. Oddly AI control works on track volume and pan above track delay. Intentionally left out or an omission… ?

Any reason why this could not implemented please Steinberg?

i own a cc121 and im planning to buy some of the cmc controllers.But there is an aesthetic problem.They dont fit together because they have different colours.So, is it possible to send me the exact dimensions of the front side to make one of my own?