AI for looking at the product reference and technical stuff

A nice feature to have will be an AI like chatgpt but trained to help us with the technical aspect of Dorico. As AI is inevitable, at least this will be useful to everybody.

For instance, if I don’t know how to do a thing (like changing a measure), I can ask the AI which is trained with the official references and it will tell me how to do it. So learning will be faster and we will have less chances to get stuck in technical issues.

I have put a similar request for Cubase, but this is because I truly think this is the best use of AI for everybody. It is a step from the contextual help, and actually it is not a thing I really need, but one that I think you may want to consider for new versions of the software.

Please see Ben Timm’s previous reply on this topic, with reference to using copyright Steinberg materials with third-party AI:


I would recommend exercising a strong degree of caution using any of these systems: every example output I’ve seen thus far has included a high rate of errors or hallucinations, but delivered in that quintessentially confident tone.


Yes, that’s why I suggest to have one of your own in the future. I mean, it seems that IA is going to be everywhere. At least, I would like it to be in the things I think it is more useful for us (and not just a shiny chord predictor or player).

This is an example how misleading and absolute hallucinating AI can be:

I checked the link in post #3, and clicked on an example question that appeared right on the beginning page of this “Dorico assistant”: How do I align dynamics in Dorico?.
The “AS” (Artificial Stupidity) engine gave a very bad response, withe the preamble " … to ensure that they are positioned correctly and uniformly across different staves and systems", suggesting to look for inexistent properties for dynamic alignment in the property panel, and not mentioning at all the concept of grouping or linking dynamics.

It can be really counterproductive and misleading, and actually quite wrong!

So that means that GPT needs more prompt engineering. I would be happy to help in creating the bot, but I am not the author of it. I sent it because it was requested. I only used it because I found it amusing, but I always turn to this forum or the Dorico website to solve my doubts. It’s much more practical, for now.

I checked some other things on that link and, the engine gives horrendous false suggestions, non existing functionalities, wrong shortcuts etc etc…


The Dorico YT channel, the Manual, the Dorico Blog, the Tips Tuesday archive, the Resources Page with First Steps Guides and the rest, this Dorico Forum, the Dorico Facebook Group, the Scoring Notes website, and experimenting and exercising directly in Dorico, applying all what is explained in the above sources etc…: this are in my opinion all one needs, with the advantage of having also a nice human intercommunication :slight_smile:


I mean … ask ChatGPT or any AI to describe 6/8 meter… :man_facepalming:
We need to keep the human link or hive mind going, not substitute it with something else and artificial!