AI knob interactivity rather limited in Cubase etc.

One would have thought the jog/scrub would be a primary inclusion for AI knob interactivity. Is it just me?

Does someone have a list of virtual buttons that the CI2+ can (or cannot ever) operate in Cubase, Halion4 and other Steinberg software.

The programmers seem to have deliberately left out a lot of AI knob functionality that could be easily provided. Perhaps stuff needs to be “protected” by default e.g. class libraries protect data members by default and they have to be freed at the source code level prior to compilation, and that might be time consuming or create (more ) instability.

Perhaps there’s a method of assigning a “button/feature” to the AI knob other than cursor hovering and locking.

Anybody out there know of another method of assignment for the AI knob?


Oh, I note the CC121 doesn’t lack this functionality, therefore it has been deliberately disabled for the CI2+. Rather mean and unnecessary. :cry: