AI Knob not working for most VST3 plugins???

The AI Knob doesn’t seem to work with the plugins included in Cubase 5. For example: Groove Agent One, which is a VST3 plugin, NONE of the knobs are controllable with the AI Knob.

FabFilter has VST3 plugins (excellent plugins I might add), NONE of them are controllable with the AI Knob.

Don’t even get me started on VST2.4 support (virtually non existent, you can’t even lock, and it only works with very few plugins, and only half of the time).

This is certainly not what I would expect from a € 400 controller!

Am I the only one with those problems?

PS: The weird thing is, according to this PDF, Groove Agent should have full support:

My System: Windows 7 64 bit using the latest Cubase (64bit) 5.5.2 build 637

somewhere in the manual there’s a line allong the lines of “the AI knob response like the mousewheel in cubase”. I have also found that there are a lot of places in cubase where this is not the case…

Very interesting. I would actually buy it if the AI knob functioned as a mouse wheel. I figured it wouldn’t even come close and now it’s pretty much confirmed. Bummer.


I have Waves VST 3- AI knob does not work- mouse wheel does. It does work Lock function works on nothing but Steinberg plugins - which i don’t use any of.
The lock functions don’t function either, except Steinberg plugins. Why even have anyway? I have to click a knob for it to turn, and when i move mouse away it still turns like it is locked??
Meanwhile mouse wheel works always everywhere- hover and spin, move hover and spin - EASY!
Other than time movement this AI knob does nothing!