AI Knob weirdness


Just got me a goodlooking 2nd hand CC121 and after a few minutes of fiddling around in C8Pro I found that the AI knob doesn’t work on a lot of plugins… Waves are a big part of my mixing tools and they do not respond to the AI knob. Strange thing is that when I switch to ‘generic plugin window’ the plugin DOES however respond to AI knob movement. So the reports on this board that only VST2.4 or built-in plugins are supported is not true… is there a Steinberg rep in here who could verify this and who can reproduce this? (and by any chance explain why this is happening and if there is a possibility to fix this?)

Or are there people in here that can use the AI knob with Waves?

Thanks in advance,

It is known problem. I see it as a quality indicator. For Waves it shows that they are no longer hungry… They have past the best-before-date. SlateDigital does not work Eventide does not work. Softube works. Plugin Allians works. Toontrack, arturia and Native Instruments does not.

And Steinberg should have a kick in their ass too. Their VST3PluginTestHost (version 2.2.6 build 3) does not have QC nor AI knob test functions. This is part of the SDK so lot of developers dont know how to test it. And no unit test either. But that might be hard to do.

Just to let you all know: I’ve been mailing with both Waves and Steinberg since January about this. Just a few moments ago Waves tech support called me and installed a special version in which they FIXED this for me. The (very friendly and helpful) guy at the other side assured me this will be official in a small time and will be in a next update for everyone.

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Is that fixed in Waves 9 r29 or r30? I can’t test, as I’m abroad without my cc121 with me. Would be huge news!

It’s fixed! With Waves r29 or later the AI knob is supported in CB.