AI project compatibility with Cubase 6?

I have a buddy who has Cubase AI, and we want to exchange projects. I can open his, he can’t open mine. Is there anything I can do to give him access to the projects I create? It’s a big bummer that Cubase doesn’t let you save a project as an older version (something like Microsoft Word lets you do), do preserve compatibility.

I don’t know if AI can read OMF files, but even if it does, that would mean audio-only, right? No midi, no VST’s, etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Exchange wav’s and MIDI files.

Well yeah, if that’s our only option, he might as well be using Reaper. More functionality than Cubase AI. I’m hoping to keep the integrity of the projects intact, including assigned VSTi’s, etc.

Tell him to upgrade. :wink:

Right, Reaper it is. :unamused:

Don’t know what the :unamused: is about, but would you expect the engine from a semi to fit in a mini? :bulb:

I’d expect Cubase programs to be compatible with each other, with the obvious exception of disabled features in the “lite” version. If I’m not using any Cubase 6-specific or advanced features, it’s pretty dumb that someone using AI can’t open my project. Don’t call Cubase AI “Cubase” anything, if it doesn’t work with Cubase.

So yeah, eye rolls aplenty!

Then where’s the incentive to upgrade from a free version of any software? :confused:

To use the additional features from the full version? I’m not complaining about lack of all features in Cubase AI. That would be silly. I’m complaining that two versions of Cubase can’t communicate with each other when those extra features aren’t being introduced into the equation. Basically I’m willing to treat my version as Cubase AI for compatibility purposes, but even that doesn’t work.

You know how you can load projects that use VST instruments and effects that you don’t have, and it gives you a little error message, and then puts a little placeholder warning where the missing effect is? That’s the kind of thing I’d expect to see. Basically a warning that some functionality is unavailable (when my Cubase AI-owning friend opens my Cubase 6 project). But he should still be able to edit and save the project, and send me back a Cubase AI project that I can open. Seriously, you think that should be disabled, because it’s somehow too much to ask??

I’m asking to be able to “Save As…” a Cubase AI project. I really don’t think that’s asking too much.

Mikem: I have Cubase Le4 and Cubase 6 on my cumputer, and projects
made with Cubase Le4 open right up in Cubase 6. A1 should do the same.

As for Reaper I dumped “TAPCO” junk (Tapco–the grand father of Reaper) back in 1978 and never looked back. :laughing: :laughing:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

If you re-read the above quote, you´ll maybe find out, that the problem is the other way round…

thinkingcap is right.

The other obvious solution is to include a Cubase AI license (and the other Cubase children) in any Cubase 6 license. That way we could both work in Cubase AI, which is essentially what I’m trying to do. Right now, my eLicenser shows a 30-day software license for Cubase AI. I’ve got no way to keep the program beyond that. Why not? Why shouldn’t I be able to run it from my Cubase 6 license? I’d still need the same dongle on the same computer, so it’s not like I’m spreading the software around by doing that.

Are you saying you have AI installed now? If so, you use the # LCC generated upon install to register the software at MySteinberg and use the Auth# to download a full license at eLicenser. You can even get a permenant license for it on the dongle, if desired.