AI to Artist 9.0 to artist 9.5


Just bought a UR22 mkII bundled with a Cucase AI, which I have registered, and installed on a test machine…

The I bought an upgrade from AI to Artist 9.0 that came with an e-licenser USB. I have activated the download access code, but haven’t yet downloaded or installed…

Next I bought an upgrade from 9.0 to artist 9.5, that is what I want to install on my new fresh setup…

The question is how to I proceed ?

Do I go via Artist 9.0 download, or can I register and download Artist 9.5 and activate that on my e-licenser ?

A bit confusing :slight_smile:

You don’t have to download or install 9.0 if you don’t want to. You can just activate 9.5, download that and install it. Or you can install both if you want, they are separate programs actually.
Hope that answers your question.