AI to Artist Upgrade

Am I missing something??? I bought Cubase AI that came with the UR22 mkII interface and was under the impression upgrading to Artist was as simple as installing AI. I must be doing something wrong as I can’t get the right elicencer code for Artist or Download. Raised a ticket with Cubase over a week ago but to date, have had no response. Cubase LE AI Elements 10 is working fine.
Many thanks.


Be aware Cubase Artist need a USB-eLicenser, please. If you own one already, plug it in. Then transfer your Cubase AI license to the USB-eLicenser in the eLCC application (just drag and drop). Then you can activate the upgrade.

Thanks Martin. I guess I was getting too involved. I thought I had to have another license key for my usb device. I’ll give it a go.