AI to help us with the technical side of Cubase

As AI is inevitable (because how marketable it is), instead of having just AI players play the parts for us, a useful application of artificial intelligence will be a kind of Chat GPT specific to how cubase works (manual, and technical stuff), so we can ask it inside the program whenever we have a doubt about how to do some specific thing.

I’m not against the AI players alla Logic, but I would rather have help dealing with the technical side of the program. Like you can use AI to help improve your programs.

Of course, you may think that AI to generate music is great, but a lot of us know how to do it (more or less :P) by ourselves and, more important, enjoy doing it :rofl:

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have a look at

Imagine asking AI to create a macro for a complex task, which normally would involve advanced scripting.

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I think we might have already reached this point with Microsoft’s Copilot. Granted it’s not directly integrated into Cubase, but it is sitting right there on the Toolbar. From what I’ve thrown at it so far, it seems to understand Cubase pretty well.