AI VST issues

I’ve just bought UR22 audio interface and download AI.

The plug-in “HALion Sonic SE” could not be found for Instrument Track “Drums”! (etc for other instruments) appears every time I open a new production , VST instruments do not appear when I search for them and there is no playback when I have just used the laptop mic to test audio playback. I have tried both ASIO and UR22 drivers in the device setup.

I would suggest switching the ASIO driver to the UR22. Then all of the input and output sound for Cubase will pass through the UR. Connect speakers to the output of the UR22 and set the Mix knob to 12 o’clock.

Start a new empty project and import a commercially recorded audio file. Does this playback properly? If not, do you see it metering on Stereo Out? In Devices, VST Connections, Outputs, what Device Ports are you connected to?

With regard to HSSE, it sounds like you may be looking the filters section. Click “Browse” again and the menu should get smaller, then you can click on “No VST Instrument” and choose to load Halion Sonic SE from Synth. Are you able to trigger playback from there?

temporarily had playback from recording bass into ur22 and connecting speakers to ur22 lineoutput (set driver to ur22 also). Just need to find out what I did right again. Yes I was in the filters section, although when I clicked browse nothing new appears. Could there have been an issue downloading vsts/ do I have to link another file I downloaded to Cubase?

The most likely steps would be related to my questions on the VST Connections.

Can you please post a screen shot of what you see for VST Connections and with regard to loading a virtual instrument?

Screenshot (2).png
Screenshot (1).png
Screenshot (3).png

im a bit lost !
Screenshot (6).png
Screenshot (5).png
Screenshot (4).png

Do any of these help ? Not really sure what I need to do to get VST working? any help would be greatly appreciated ! Rich
Screenshot (7).png

Your entire HSSE is missing. I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling from the complete installer for Cubase AI. The reason you are not receiving any audio in the projects is that you are only playing virtual instrument tracks and the instrument (HSSE) is missing.

Start a new empty project and import a commercially recorded audio file (File, Import, Audio File). Does this playback properly?