AI5 HALionONE issue

I just got Cubase AI5 and I want to open a midi track and record drums using the drum editor and map. Every time I try and open a kit in HALionOne I am getting this error message:

"HALionOne: Cannot find or load preset “inert drum kit name here”

Does AI5 not come with the presets or did my installation not work properly?

Right-ckick on the GUI and choose Locate Contents, point it to the content directory for your version. Does AI have Mediabay? If so, make sure the content directory is set to be scanned and do a re-scan.

Dont think it has media bay. I am very new to using this software, like just got it today new. What is GUI and pardon my ineptitude. Thanks dude.

Alright, I figured out what GUI was but I dont know where it’s located. Is there a generic file path for the plugins? Thanks again.

Ok…now I found out where they are lol…

Still not getting any sound from it though but the other tracks in the tutorial are working.

The GUI for Halion. Click the e button for the VSTi and it should appear. If AI has a Media tab at the top of the app window, see if Mediabay is listed there. The path should be in the Cubase program folder or My Documents- your username or maybe All Users, depending if you’ve installed any additional content for the plug.

There should be a seperate Halion Installer on the disk, try re-installing just that.

Make sure you’re pointing to the .vstpreset files and not the hsb ones.

Thanks for all your help…

When I go to point it only allows me to choose folders and not files. Is that what I am looking for? If it is, I am choosing the folder where the drum kit is located. I re-installed HALionOne to no avail. My old bass player used to set this up for me on his computer and I would just write drum beats. I’m the creative brain not the technical one :smiley:

Try this directory:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 4\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALionOne

Yup, been trying that. No idea what is going on. I open the drum editor and write some kick drum and no sound. Not sure why the installation of the program would create such an issue. My guitars are at church at the moment so I’ll test a non virtual instrument tomorrow and see if that works. I assume it will since the pre written tutorial tracks work just fine.

Just to recap:
Create a new midi track
F11 to open virtual instruments
Load HALionOne
Select drum kit
Right click on GUI and select the folder where the kit is located
Draw a few measures
Open drum editor
Write a few drum hits
Press play
No sound

I tried loading a tutorial project and it wasnt able to load the HALionOne strings preset either. I obviously have a problem with HALionOne. I’ll try an uninstall and reinstall of Cubase AI5

Try trashing Prefs, see sig.

Did a complete uninstall/reinstall. All is well now.

THANK YOU for all your help!