Aid for figured bass

Hi, do you know how I can configure the figured bass so that I can reproduce it on Dorico?
I tried watching the video tutorials, but couldn’t find a similar example.
Thanks for the help.

Salve, sapete come posso configurare il basso figurato affinché io possa riprodurlo su Dorico?
Ho provato a guardare i video tutorial, ma non ho trovato un esempio simile.
Grazie dell’aiuto.

You can do this as follows:

  1. At the position of the start of the whole note, enter into the Shift+G popover 5, 4->3=2 and confirm the input with Return.
  2. In Engrave mode, select the 5 figure and set the Duration property to 4 (this duration is measured in quarter notes). This will show a hold to the end of the bar.
  3. Select the 4 figure and activate the Line between sus. and resolution property to show the suspension line.
  4. Back in Write mode, show the caret at the position of the fourth quarter note in the bar, and enter 5,2 in the Shift+G popover. Because the existing 5 figure has already been extended to the end of the bar, you should see only the 2 figure appear below the existing hold line.

For more help with figured bass input, see here. You may also find this by @benwiggy helpful.

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I think that first sequence should be “5,4->3r=2”. Without the “r”, I think Dorico will just not respond to the input.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, I believe this is all possible from write mode without switching to engrave mode. Unless I’m doing something wrong, Dorico doesn’t let you select individual figures in a stack, even in engrave mode (if that was the thinking behind switching), but setting each of these properties in write mode works, and Dorico applies each correctly to the proper figures.

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Another way to accomplish this is to write 5,4 for the first beat, 5,3 for the third beat and 5,2 for the fourth beat. Then select the first beat of figured bass and in the properties palette extend the duration so that the 5 in third and fourth beats vanishes.

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Many thanks to all… :slight_smile:

Grazie di cuore a tutti… :slight_smile: