Airdropping multiple files from imac to Dorico for ipad

How can I airdrop multiple Dorico project files from my imac to my ipad? I can only send one at a time and it opens Dorico and imports the file. I would prefer to send the multiple files to a sub-directory within the Dorico folder and then open them as needed. Is this possible? I have not figured out how to do it.

If you plug your iPad into your Mac with a USB cable, your iPad will show up in the sidebar in your Finder windows, and you can then click the Files heading to see the Dorico projects on the device, and you can drag multiple files into there.

If you don’t have a cable to connect your iPad to your Mac, then the best way to get multiple files onto the device is probably to use a cloud service like iCloud Drive.

Thanks. This works. I used Dropbox. I loaded 100 files into a sub-directory and these read only files all appeared as icons on the Dorico home page alongside existing projects. It appears that Dorico doesn’t support subdirectories in the home page view. Is this something planned for a future update? I can always use the “open or import…” button but it would be nice to have folders on the home page.

I think what’s more likely is that we will try to improve the level of integration with the iOS Files app, so that you can open projects and edit them in place, rather than having to copy them into the Dorico sandbox to work on them.

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