Airmusictech Update is out! Compatible with Cubase 8 now!

Finally they updated their plugins!

Received my email by Air … downloaded my free updates to 2.0.4 … all plugins come up with Cubase without crashing and are up and running! Transfuser is back in my setup. :mrgreen:

And another new feature: you will receive new activation codes. The activation codes can directly redeemed via iLok License Manager … and you can activate them on your machine or your iLok dongle. Like it or hate it … I like it :wink:



I wish I could get my hybrid 3 to work. I updated but it still wont show up in 64 bit. It works in 32 bit but that’s no fun!

Do you have /Library/Application Support/Audio/Plugins/VST in your VST scan path?

Yes I have that path in my VST scan path. Well, Application Support/Audio/ aren’t available in the same path. You cant reach the Audio folder from Application Support.

Ah … yes my mistake :wink: Correct …without Application Support.

I guess a call to tech support over there is in order. I also have an MPC Renaissance and the Hybrid 3 loads up in it 64 bit but the MPC offered it in an update. I believe the file format is different and that’s the reason why it loads. It’s definitely located in a different directory from than the other VST’s.

Updated to Cubase 8.0.10, rescanned plugins and all is well in my world!!! 64 bit Hybrid 3 now loads up and works.

Downloaded all the plugs, still missing the activation codes.
How did you get your activation codes? :frowning:


Enter your email address. Wait some minutes for your promo code and the activation codes and you will get them.



Hi Alex
I have done that several times, so now I have many mails with promo codes and only ONE activation code, for Xpand! But for all the other instruments I have no activation code. I don’t know how to get them. The InMusic Brands Customer Support sends me the same mail over and over again.
I don’t know what to do!

Did you buy the Version 2.x AIEP before? Is the email address you enter the same email address you have used to register the former AIEP 2.x? I would contact them directly, they normaly respond quite fast.