Airpods pro - Waves plugin problem

Hi, sometimes I need to listen to something in a hurry with the help of airpods and I find it quite strange that even after the recommended Bluetooth / AirPlay switch, Waves plugins do not work.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you


Please use the following steps to use Cubasis 3 alongside with your AirPods Pro headphones:

  • Please connect your AirPods Pro to the iPad
  • Launch Cubasis and go to Setup/Audio and enable “Bluetooth / AirPlay” by tapping the corresponding button

If the problem persists, please go to Setup/Project and choose (or reselect) the matching sample rate of your project.

Hope that helps!


Hi, thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately, these steps do not work. Waves plugins do not work with bluetooth headphones. All other plugins work without a problem.

Thank you for any ideas

Hi bilbo07,

Audio input (and thus monitoring) is disabled if the Bluetooth setup option is on. This behavior stems from early iOS versions where Bluetooth I/O was limited.

Using Bluetooth headphones or speakers introduce system related latencies. If possible, please describe your usecase for this setup.


Best wishes,