Akai APC Mini, Novation Launchpad, Push

I picked up an APC Mini recently, and actually it’s a really useful midi controller. I used the generic remote and a drum map so that it now does all the transport work, has 8 faders plus master, handles mute, send and record enable, can jump to 20 arranger sections and program drums in Groove Agent (for instance).

What would be really cool would be if I could use the generic remote to send it midi notes so that the correct pads would light up (for instance) red for record enable, or green if there is a drum or arranger part loaded onto the pad, or flash if the arranger part is up next. It’s only midi notes - can’t be too hard?

I’m sure this would mean that we could all use Launchpads and Push as well. I really don’t want to move to Ableton, but it does do some things really well…