Akai Force and Cubasis


I’d like to know if I could use Cubasis to record what comes out from Akai Force (Audio and/or Midi).

If yes, how… ? Via Bluetooth or using cables ?

Can you help me ?

Cheers !

Sure can. You’ll need to invest in a stereo interface to import the audio into Cubasis. Midi I doubt will be much use, but, absolutely, Cubasis excepts midi (but of course, midi is just on or off signals, no sounds are carried over, so, without giving Cubasis a sound to trigger, the midi will do nothing. ) Feel free to ask more, I’m not well versed in the akai or in midi, but I’ve dabbled with midi and setting up custom sounds via the sampler and using external apps. I also own a few audio interfaces. What are you using, IPad or android? Note, modern iPads with usbc (and no headphone ports) are a pain for music creation!