Akai mpc 2500 dont record syncrhonized

hi all
im on a win 7 x64
with focurite saffire pro 24 dsp
and im trying make the akai mpc 2500 work perfect with cubase 5 via midi but is something not very well implemented or i dont konw how it works, because when im recording the patterns from the akai to the cubase it put the first beat early and i have to expand the sound recorded to the left because it has recorded but is no good placed losing time and workflow.
also im watching what when i move the locators in the akai to x exemple 02.01.00 cubase go to 02.500.00 and is like they are not talking the same languaje.
i dont know how fix these things but i think is impossible these two machines cant work together.
somebody know something about?