Akai MPD18 & C8 Pro

Has anyone had experience with the Akai MPD18 as a controller for GA4? I purchased one yesterday, have it setup in the devices menu as a generic controller. The midi messages are being received as indicated on the transport bar. I can get it to trigger BFD2 within Cubase but not GA4. Also if I drag a GA4 pattern to a GA track there is no audio playback if the Akai is on, yet i can drag the same pattern down to a midi track set to BFD2 and it plays fine. I can also record on the track with the pads triggering BFD2.

I don’t want a bunch of bells and whistles with this controller, just a simple velocity sensitive pad trigger for creating drum patterns for those clients that don’t want a live drummer or have the additional funds for hiring a live drummer. I know there is mapping involved and this is something I am not that familiar with. Akai has an XML file for their MPD32, but none for the MPD18.

Thanks in advance

No one have any suggestions? Is anyone using a pad controller that works with GA4?

Did you check if the pad assignments are identical to the GA4 pad assignments? I sometimes use the pads on my novation controller, or my Alesis drumpads, and I always need to set up the pad numbers manually.

Good luck!

I have tried everything to no avail, I have reset the pad assignments to GA4, nothing. It will work with GA4 as a stand alone but not inside C* Pro,even though the midi indicator on GA4 flashes as the pads are struck, but no sound. Think it is time to send it back, I ahev wasted too much time with it as it is