AKAI MPK 249 install in Cubase 10 - can anyone help?


anyone who knows how to install the AKAI MPK 249 midi controller in Cubase 10? The install instructions on the AKAI-site doesn’t cover the new version of Cubase and it seems that things work differently in 10. For example I cannot find “generic remote” anywhere, or where to “create it”.

Help would be much appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

In Cubase 10 some menu items change its names.

Devices = Studio
Devices Setup = Studio Setup.

Here you can find Generic Remote device.

it’s actually nice to find out where to find “devices” but if I open the window “studio-setup” (german Studio-Einstellungen), there’s no point “generic controllers” below “remote controllers” (Fernbedienungsgeräte)! The only ones are “Track-Quick-Controls” and “VST-Quick-Controls”!
But on the right side under midi-input and -output there’s mpk261 available.

Thanks if someone will help me!

Click the Plus sign and Create a Generic Remote, then, you can start to map the keyboard’s controllers to various items (not a fun task, but worth the effort in long run).

Hi Enzowoods and welcome :slight_smile:

I have the same keyboard,
I simply plugged in mine and chose Generic,in Studio Setup,as Martin Jirsak,wrote in his post :slight_smile:

Pretty much complete beginner with this stuff - could you give an example of how/what you have mapped? I am using 10.5 AI with an AKAI MPK mini mk3.



The best thing to do is search the forums for posts on Generic Remote. I suggest using Google Search to find the posts. Some of the best are written by Brian Roland. Learning GR will take time and it is not a fun process. The company has said a new system is in the works, but, for now, Generic Remote is what we have and it does provide a lot of good functionality.

Many advanced users have adopted Metagrid and other systems. You may want to consider that if possible.

Generic Remote is not a fun part of the program, but, again, it does provide some great functionality once you have it working.

Set aside time for it and read the operations manual, but, the posts are where you’ll find more details about using Generic Remote in Cubase. Start with basic functions and add more as you progress.

Good luck.