Akai MPK 49 + Cubase 6.5 (Mixer - Faders).

Hello All.

I have recently bought both Cubase 6.5 and the Akai MPK49 medi-controller. I really want to use the “sliders/faders” and the “knobs” on my MPK49 when I am mixing a track.

How do I assign buttons to individual “sliders” and “knobs”?

/ Viegaard

Read the manual paragraphs on ‘generic remote’.
If you want to control third party plugins as well, check out ‘quick controls’ too.

What manual? Cubase 6.5 Artist?


The electronic manual on the DVD…

There is no reason to be rude. My english is bad and I can’t seem to find a manual on any of the DVD’s.

If you open up Cubase and click the ‘help’ button (The last button on the menu bar) and click documentation, you will find links to a bunch of different documents, including the manual.


Generic Remote

Even if you read the manual, it’s not at all clear at first. It takes a bit of determination to grasp.
Steinberg really need to do a video tutorial on this, but then they have their own Youtube channel, so they probably already do.
This is one of the most useful parts of cubase as regards productivity and work flow.
I found it really hard to get to grips with, but as soon as I got the concept working, I wished I’d done it years ago.

You need to create a generic remote under Devices
Make sure you assign your Akai MPK49 (great controller keyboard - good choice) to the in/out midi channels for the generic remote.

Then you simply add or delete entries in the top panel and assign the mpk controllers here (you can import / export generic controller maps here too). You can use use learn to set up the controller information here from your mpk.

And in the lower panel, you find the cubase command you want to control.

Akai might already have generic remote maps already created for you to download and put into Cubase.

I have an MPK88 with the basic transport controls working, and several of the buttons assigned to redo / undo, so I can record and control cubase without having to touch the computer. I use the drum buttons to control dimensions in Kontakt, useful for orchestral libraries.

I also have an MPKmini, really useful for editing and mixing sessions.
The drum pads can play notes, or you can use these as CC commands to control transport or anything else you need to have instant access to. The 8 vari controllers also work extremely well with Steinberg Quick Controls, which can be set in cubase by right clicking a vst3 and simply moving the corresponding slider on your mpk.

One last note. After setting up your generic remote, don’t forget to hit ‘export’. It’s a bit silly, but that’s actually just the ‘save’ button. Without it your settings will be lost next time you start Cubase.