Akai MPK Mini and CUbase 6?

So I’m switching over from the mac to windows 7, it seems that everything is a million times more complicated here.

I just bought an Akai MPK Mini, but I can’t seem to get Cubase to recognize it. It shows up under device manager, and even guitar pro seems to see it.

But Cubase requires an xml file of some sort, and nothing like that came with any of the software on the cd or from the downloads on the akai website.

How do I hook up the mpk mini with Cubase 6?

Thanks for your help.

I’m having the same exact issue…

Can we please get some help?


Hey Guys, just to follow-up - i found the problem was actually the usb port on my Mini! It is very cheaply made and apparently a known issue with Akai MPK Mini’s. Because it is a weak connection, it will not register at times, or it will make the computer think that it has disconnected, and so cubase will “un-route” the input from it.

Replaced the unit and it’s worked fine since.