AKAI MPK Mini Pad assignment problem


I have an Akai MPK Mini and Cubase Artist 9.5. I have used the config software for the Akai controller to set the pads to begin at C0 and to output on midi channel 1.

I have checked an re-checked that the configuration has been saved on the MPK mini.

However, when I fire up Cubase with a blank project, add either Halion or Groove agent, the midi note that is triggered by the pads is different to the one I set in the config of the Akai.

e.g. on the AKAI, Program 1, Bank A, Pad1 is set to C0 (midi note 12) but when I use the midi monitor plug-in I get ‘C-1’. The keyboard sends the correct note.

Is this an Akai problem, or am I missing something in Cubase?