Akai MPK MK3 Mini Midi Mappings

Hi, I have an Akai MPK MK3 Mini, I’m currently new to cubase (and audio engineering) and also recently bought my MIDI. As I’m new I’m having a bit of trouble setting up my mapping and what I should do. I have set my Quick controls to my 8 knobs. The rest of my assignable controls on my MIDI include 8 Trigger Pads, which are present in two banks (switchable between banks via a button).
There is also a CC button to switch between CC signals and Note on signals.

However I’m not very sure of the difference between note on and cc signals and which ones I should use for transport controls. I have my current transport controls mapped to Bank A Note on controls. I need help setting up my pad banks and recommendations as to what I should map them to?

I also have a joystick which I’m not sure what I should map it to.

In the screenshot image, I have separated the two banks (Bank A on left, Bank B on right.) and the bottom two rows in each are for CC, upper two rows are for Note On.
On the top left is my joystick and bottom right QC.

In the images labeled 1 and 2 you can see on the right that it the bottom rows have CC values attached to them while the top notes have Note on values attached to them, should I change them as well? The software for my MIDI has different values compared to what Cubase shows.

Images are in drive folder (heading)