Akai Sample CD ISO's in Halion 6


Can someone please walk me through the entire process of installing the Akai Sample CD Iso’s in Halion 6, and getting them working step by step?

Go to the Load/Rec in the center menu. Then click on Browser. Navigate to the iso, double click to open. Drag a patch into the floor rack. You need to define a folder if it is the first time, but Gallon just asks when needed.

Thank you for the response. I had a question though? Where is the floor rack? And I am dragging all of the Partitions there? Then what do I do from there?

Wow, my auto correct messed this up.
I meant drag it over to the left where you have each instrument.

Just drag the partitions you wanna play and set the midi channel. Set it to A1 of you want to layer sounds, ie all on midi 1.