Akia LPD8 and Groove Agent One

Does anyone have any experiance with the Akai LPD8 laptop pad controller with Groove Agent One?

I am only a casual ‘pad’ user and am thinking of getting one. The next step up at twice the cost is the Akai MPD 18 and then the MPD 26 at even more ‘£’s’ but with knobs and faders etc. Do they talk to each other easily and does anyone have anything to say about performance etc?




Hi Paul;

I belive any kind of midi pad controller hardware works fine with cubase and groove one. I have recently purchased Korg nanopad2 and it works like as it has to be. I have even tested novation launchpad and it’s working too.

As long as you have a midi hardware it will work like any midi keyboards on cubase because its midi interface. LPD8 is a midi pad controller and if you have installed correctly then you should not have any problem.


Thanks for that. I going for it anyway. The price has come down again so cheap enough to try.

Thanks for stopping by.