Akoustik Piano

While I recognize that this software is no longer in production, I have an issue with it.

While in cubase the sustain “sound” is significantly lower than the attack sound of the pianos, making everything clunky.

However in the Standalone Program that came with the software, this issue is not present, and the pianos sound quit good.

Any and all help would be appreciated.


Do you use Akoustik Piano with its own interface or from within either Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player?

I am trying to use Akoustik Piano Through Cubase Essentials (5) which is where this sound issue occurs. Steps is this:

Add Midi Track
Select Akoustic Piano
Open Midi instrument config so it loads sounds
Problem with sustain volume occurs.

As posted I do not have this problem in the player that it comes with. I have niether kontakt products.

Well, first and foremost, I highly recommend you to download and install the free Kontakt Player, since as you rightly say AP (Akoustik Piano) isn’t supported anymore. The AP libraries work in the Kontakt player just fine, plus this way you have a benefit of using them in a native 64-bit application if you operate a 64-bit Cubase.

  1. Download the Kontakt Player here: http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/producer/kontakt-player/?page=781
  2. Install it. Make sure Cubase knows where the Kontakt Player VST- plugins are.
  3. In Cubase create an instrument track and load the Kontakt Player.
  4. Open its interface and load the AP patch you want. That’s it.

If it doesn’t help, we’ll be thinking further.
(And please, put your system specs in the forum signature, as it will help to avoid asking and answering unnecessary questions while troubleshooting your system).

Thankyou very much I will try all this and get back to you.

Thanks in Advance

Okay I’ve done such and no luck. Still the same issue within Cubase only. In the kontakt player its fine.

I’ve uploaded a sample of what i’m talking about
testsustain.mp3 (332 KB)

You could try the following:

  1. See if your audio card driver is properly set in Cubase (Devices > Device setup, and also in Devices > VST Connections). Don’t forget to check if MobilePre is also set as your default playback and recording device in Windows (Start > Control Panel > Sound)

  2. Open VST Performance (F12), play AP a little and see how ASIO and Disc meters behave.

  3. Check which options you have ticked in Preferences > MIDI Filter (by default only SysEx is checked in both Record and Through, no channels are selected in Record, CC123 is selected in Through), or better yet, just go to this page in the preferences and click Default button, then Apply and OK.

  4. Finally, insert MIDI Monitor plugin in the AP track, open the plugin interface, activate it and check which MIDI messages the track receives when you play AP and press the sustain pedal.

This is to see if your audio and MIDI are configured properly.

Problem still exists! Here is what the midi monitor plugin said when pressing and releasing the sustain pedal 2 times:

MIDI Monitor Log:

Status Val1 Val2 Val3 Ch. Length Position Comment

Controller 64 127 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 64 0 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 64 0 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 64 127 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 64 127 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 64 0 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 64 0 1 0:00:00.000

Once again thanks for your continued assistance!


Note this maybe a problem with the way midi is transmitted. The virtual keyboard works fine with the sustain within cubase. However this doesn’t explain why the keyboard works fine in the default players, kontakt or other. This is also the only piano vst that is having this issue.


Hi, Stephen.
Your MIDI log looks strange to me as your sustain pedal should send opposite values consecutively: 127 when pressed and 0 when released.
Can you get another sustain pedal to see if it works?

Another thing that seems to be worth doing is checking your keyboard controller settings regarding the foot switch connectors in case they are programmable (you could start by simply initializing your keyboard settings - which may fix your problem - and proceed from there). If your keyboard has a few programmable foot switch connectors ,set them to transmit the sustain command and try using your pedal with all of them.

All of the above is to eliminate or prove your pedal and keyboard controller as a possible cause of the problem.



It had not occured to me that my midi input was doubling, so disabling the second in from my 88es in cubase midi preferences fixed the issue. Thanks for helping me realize that :bulb:

Hope this will help someone in the Future.


I am very glad you found a solution.