Al 9 update MAC

Hi forum members and hopefully support members?

In the past I could not use Cubase Al because my computer memory gave often distortion (to less internal memory I think).
Now I step over to a macbook pro 2015 with OS Sierra, I want of course to use my Steinberg CI2 and the Cubase AI software.
Now I have enough memory on board for it 16G.
I order the update now for the AI 9 and I got a confirmation and download instruction.
But my question is how to install the update?
Do I have first to install the old version of AI on my new macbook with all the e-liscene stuf and then run the update?
Or can I somewhere download the full version of AI 9 and install it without installing first the old version?

So what is the best thing to do?


Hi and welcome,

No, you don’t have to install the old version. Just install eLicenser application. Then Reactivate your old license to this eLicenser. Then you can use your update Activation code.