Albion xp map not working

This is complicated to explain. I’ve set up an xp map to switch between string runs, and it is working as I hoped it would… until it doesn’t. I can’t see any rhyme or reason for it.

I’ve made a video that shows & tells in more detail. (I wanted to learn how to do that, so it’s not as absurd an expenditure of labour as it might seem :slight_smile: ) but it’s 20mb for the HD version and 48mb for the 4k version, so too big to upload here.

Post the video somewhere else (e.g. just upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, et al., or upload it to YouTube and make it unlisted if you don’t want it to be found via search) and post the link here.

Right you are, Daniel. It’s my first time uploading to youtube, but here goes: excel albion string runs - YouTube

More on that story… I have created further flows, and tested all the combinations, and they all work fine, but when I go back to the problem note and try deleting and reentering it, the same problem occurs.

I did notice, though, that when I put one term in, nothing happened, then after the second term the note individuated, but after adding the third term (1 oct+asc+chrm) the individuation disappeared again.

So I thought to check again the one user playing technique that I noticed was persisting, and found that it was set to Direction instead of Attribute. Changing that fixed it! Still, I don’t understand why the add-on works everwhere else except here.