Album #14

My 14th album release… all made in Cubase dating back to 2002.

For your streaming (dis)pleasure :smiley:
Last Chance To Dance & Sing

Wow 14 albums, mad respect! Do you post your stuff on soundcloud much anymore? I haven’t been getting much from you on my dashboard.

Happy 14th ,do you think youll manage another 14. i think ive only got enough songs for about 6 albums at the mo and that includes my greatest hits album :unamused: . well done, i bet they`re all quality too.

Thanks. :slight_smile:
Hmmm… I’m a bit neglectful when it comes to Soundcloud. I’ve tended to focus more on Bandcamp which is my preferred platform, but I will get round to updating SC now that you have reminded me! There’s numerous other sites I have accounts with too, some of which I’ve haven’t used for years! :astonished:

I can’t see myself doing another album’s worth of stuff to be honest. I feel like I’ve written all I want to write. Maybe I just need yet another major life crisis to get me re-inspired ? :slight_smile:
As for the quality… I cringe and shudder when I hear my earliest stuff :confused: I can’t actually bear to listen to it! But we all had to start somewhere I guess. :sunglasses:

Incredible, 14!!! So I can imagine the kids saying can Ian come out and play…No, cause we’ve locked him in the basement recording again :slight_smile:

Ian, just listened from front to back. What a cool album. I’m personally on my number one album! 14 is amazing. I think I’ve been here a while, and I may be in no position to say, but I think they’ve gotten better and better over the years. Congratulations to you, and don’t stop! Overall sound is balanced from beginning to end.

Thanks Kenny. Actually I spend more time with photography these days, though I still do a bit of production/mixing work for others. :sunglasses:

Thanks… glad you enjoyed it. :smiley: A couple of the songs are actually quite old maybe 10 years? … but I wanted to do fresh new versions, and of course, there’s 3 cover songs on there, something I don’t normally do, but there’s plenty of new material too of course. :sunglasses:

Helluvanachievent Ian!! :slight_smile: Good that you have photography to fall back on when the goin gets tough with the music…at the mo my photography is getting in the way of doin some music :angry:

cheers, Kevin

I was listening to the Cybase album today in my car – good stuff. I like #2 “Stranded in Your Arms”. It looked like the vocalist was from Germany (forget name) – should I remember him?

:astonished: Photography to ‘fall back on’? :laughing: Let me see… earned $1000 last year from that… and this year so far… hmmm… a number closely approximating $0 ! :laughing: I have a smalkl exhibition running at the moment. Sales and inquiries = nothing.

No… sadly… for me anyway, photography is as doomed as music is as a source of revenue! But both are equally as much fun :sunglasses:

Doug! How could you forget Wolf! :astonished: Actually I remixed a selection of those old tracks… including “Stranded”:
Put a 2014 spin on them: