Album Cover Revealed!

On the final countdown to the album launch!

Thought I would let you see the final album artwork!

I’m now sorting out the storefront page, and getting to grips with Paypal widgets. Hopefully this won’t be too painful.

In other news, I have put together a band for the launch party, consisting of bass player Adam and drummer Paul who played on the album, and a guitarist I’ve known for years called Brendan (Given that a certain guitarist of this parish who is prominent on the album, lives a whole continent to the left, I figured getting to rehearsals might be a bit of an issue) we’ll be playing about half the album live at a local club on 3rd June.

Stay tuned for more release info.

Exciting times :slight_smile:

Very nice photo! Reminds me of the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain . Being a keyboard player, I love the prominence given to the smiling 88s!

I haven’t had the chance to listen to the music yet … the zep on the left … foreshadowing music in that style?

Very nice!

I remember you posting some artwork/renderings quite awhile ago that incorporated the “piano keyboard into infinity” concept – I like that.

Can’t wait too hear the tunes!




Yeah… I recall quite some time back your early proposals feature the keyboard in various settings.
The image is cool and I hate to be a party pooper but I’m not really diggin’ the title font or placement to honest :confused:
It’s in part to do with the font colour, the use of a drop shadow and those clouds behind that don’t work for me. Personally I’d be more inclinded to go for more for an outer glow type effect and maybe consider sitting the title along the horizontal line coming from the solar flare/sun - perhaps something like I did here might work just as well with this design too? Just a thought…

Or - you could just tell me to sod of and mind my own business! :laughing:


Nice work. An alternative title could be Songs In The Quay Of Sea. Or She Hordes Keyboards On The Seaboard.

Well, given that I have just taken delivery of very-very many… :wink:

Save a few for me, and please advise when the Paypal thingy is worked out so’s I can get my order in before they’re all sold out. :sunglasses:


I’m trying to figure out what significance the blimp has…

Don’t much care for the font, nor the faux sunset.

The blimp is allegorical to mankind’s struggle agains nature in an uncaring universe, revealing the dichotomy between the subconscious desire to codify our place in the temporal miasma and the primal impulse to explore the imbalance between light and darkness, matter and antimatter, dark energy and white holes, fluffy bunnies and small cats.

… Or

It’s just a blimp.

Don’t much care for the font, nor the faux sunset.

Good. :wink:

This might just be the post of the week! :wink: :laughing:

Nice cover… cheers. :mrgreen:

I’m a duck, not a beatnik. :laughing:

I’m just a duck.

Ooh, rebellion! I like that!

If you were a duck, you’d fly North for the winter, I’ll wager! :smiley:

Good luck with your CD launch. :sunglasses:

I don’t know where you live, but here in the Midwest one sees GEESE flying north during Winter quite often. I never have figured that out, actually

Unless it’s a Global Warming thing?

They pupate in the Arctic and, in spring, emerge from their cocoons as penguins.
Then they start their long waddle down to the Antarctic where they belong, wishing they’d gone the right way while they could still fly.

lol :laughing: