[Album] Gear'd Up

Hello Everyone,

Due to technical reasons, I have taken the link down.


Hiya John. Congrats on getting a full album together. It’s kind of a weight off your mind isn’t it? Frees up the noggin for some new tunes to come through :sunglasses:
I’d take a look at the levels on these tunes though and match em up better. Kansas City, for example, is waaaaay quieter than the next track so needs to come up some. Dunno if you have Wavelab or CD Architect, but get the tracks into something like that and match em all up for a more cohesive whole :sunglasses:


In the end, this whole musical journey is not just about the music, but about the people I got to know because of music and playing with them.

That says a lot of it. It’s always mostly the journey; the destination is incidental.

Congratulations John. :smiley:


Awesome! Congrats John :smiley:

If you > get a smile on your face> , or find your foot tapping while listening … then I’m a happy guy.

:smiley: you bet! I’ve been listening through the 12 tracks…and in fact still am. I just the love the “organic” feel of what I’m hearing. Everything sounds and feels honest and authentic. Good stuff John :sunglasses:

Hiya Phil, thanks for checking in. Hadn’t thought of it as a weight, but yes, I am sitting in that time where one thing is done and another may soon begin. You are right about the levels. I had pre-mastered in Cubase and burn to cd in Wavelab Elements which worked fine for transitions from song to song for play back on cd. When I uploaded to BandCamp, the pause time between tracks on play back changed so I loaded up a couple of different tracks. Needless to say, that created a bigger problem in that those tracks didn’t fit with the origional. So back to the origional tracks with levels that are meant to be together. Special thanks for all your support.


Thanks you Jet. Also, a special thank you for the extra listening and support.


Thanks Ian, I used your thinking on Mastering in Cubase and found it to be a very freeing process and gave me the flexability I had been missing by using WaveLab Elements alone. Another great tip from you. Special thanks for all your support.


It really grows on you… it has a late 60’s sonic vibe like on the Love Forever Changes record. My only criticism is the lyric is pretty simplistic

So… the record isn’t “for sale?” It’s free? Dude, you should something:laughing:

Hi Doug,

I assume your speaking of ‘You’re the One’. Thank you. As for the lyrics, I agree with you they are simplistic, but consider this; my understanding is the thing women want to hear most is for their guy to say ‘I love you’. [Count on the fact I didn’t write this for you. :laughing: ] I know you like numbers so it breaks down like this. ‘I love you’ or similar is said on average every 18.5 seconds. ‘Something nice’ is said on average every 16.5 second. Finally, every 8.8 seconds ‘I love you’ or ‘something nice’ is said. This happens in two and a half minutes. I would surmise that is pretty high saturation to drive a very simple message home to the intended target. Guess I didn’t want to be miss-understood. I will take your thought forward into my future lyric attempts. :smiley:


ps. I will send you my pay-pal info for you to send your money :mrgreen: