Album: Incontinental Breakfast

As I mentioned, I’ve been working on putting all these tunes together into an album. It’s now ready! You can download it for free at

There are two tunes on it you haven’t heard yet; they are a pair (Intro and Cleanup) - two treatments of the same material. The first one has a real double bass on it – first time I’ve tried to record that!

The others you’ve heard, although they’ve been touched up and touched up a million more times. At some point you have to stop and move on. Thanks again to everyone who’s helped me along the way with comments and suggestions.

If you download it, you’ll get CD cover art that I’ve done, and guitarists will definitely want to check out the back cover. If you put in any dollar figure other than zero, I’m taking that and donating it to the Western CT Youth Orchestra, which is a great organization, and they’re very happy I am doing this for them.

Feel free to comment, suggest, criticize, anything!

Excellent! Congrats, Leon! :sunglasses:

Got my copy. Love the intro already. Very nice composition. Can’t wait to start cruising with
this music.

Good luck with the release, my friend! :slight_smile:

Congrats with getting the album finished. The two tracks I liked most were brownies and lucian. I like the light tone of the guitar in brownies as well as the composition and overall chilled out vibe. Great stuff and very nice that it’s going to a youth orchestra ;D What will you be doing next? :sunglasses:

Great work early…fantastic that your helping a youth orchestra, there’s clearly a good guy behind that interesting avatar, cheers, Kevin

@Lenny: thanks for listening, thanks for purchasing! Going to a good cause.
@Jonathan: appreciate the comments! What to do next? I hope to get the band back in the groove with regular playing. New drummer played with us last week and he was quite good, so we hope he’s interested. The band knows four of the tunes on the album and I wouldn’t mind if they learned one or two others. Keyboard player is also bringing in a new halfway written tune, so we’ll see what we can do with that. Next album in ten years!
@Shadowfax: yeah, turns out my avatar is not my real face! My real face is actually less blue. I’m on the board of directors of the Western CT Youth Orchestra, and have had involvement with them for many years as my son was a member (and has gone on to pursue a professional career, which is going to be a struggle). Thanks for listening.

Only got to listen to the first 3 tunes before I had to get back to the studio. It was nice to be listening to fusion again! :slight_smile: Good job and dedication. Same Old Dawn has a nice unique combination of instruments. Good clean chops on all of the tunes. Looking forward to hearing the rest. Thanks!

Just downloaded but I haven’t listened yet but know I will love it, BIG FAN HERE :laughing:

Suprawil, thanks for listening! Feel free to download.
Kenny, thanks, I’m a fan of yours too!

Donated. Downloaded. Listened. Enjoyed! :sunglasses:

Nice song to song flow. I like the artwork, too!

So far only listened on the shop stereo with CNC machines fighting for sonic space. Looking forward to giving it a better listen at home.

Congratulations, Leon!

Much appreciated, Scott. I don’t know what CNC machines are; maybe you can EQ them so they have their own space in the sonic spectrum?

Well done! Will check it out forthwith! :sunglasses:

Just received a batch of CD’s, and they look great… maybe old school, but it’s a tangible thing. Makes the whole thing seem real. I can now recommend The artwork came out better than it would have on a home printer, the cost was very low, and the turnaround was fast. Even got a free barcode! Saves me ripping off a barcode from a detergent bottle!

Thanks again to the people here who bought the CD, the Western CT Youth Orchestra thanks you. And a reminder that you really can just download it for free if you want, and you get the artwork, which, well, you gotta see my pedal board!

Serious, this is you, Leon? I love it so. Thanks for sharing it. I am DJing it right now as I drink wine. :smiley:

Don’t forget the brownies! Yes, that’s me, most of the cuts were previewed on this forum. Thanks for listening!

With each release I usually get 50 CD’s made - for the same reasons - “tangible and real”. 50 is an economical price point I find though its about 40 discs more than I actually need! I sell very few CD’s but I like to have them regardless - and most of them get steadily given away over time. And having said that… I just sold an old release via CDBABY yesterday… probably the only CD sale I’ve had through them in the last few years! I seriously doubt that my sales over the last 10 years have come anywhere near to covering costs.

Here the barcode does costs extra :neutral_face: and CDBABY too also charge for their barcodes. As it happens I didn’t bother with one for the last CD - the discs never make it to a retail store anyway so there seems little point really, but if it was free… well I’d put one on in that case, as it makes it look even more ‘real’ then! :smiley:

It’s certainly expensive making them by hand - the cost of inks alone for most inkjet printers is ridiculous :smiling_imp: and you sure get through that overpriced ink pretty quick - even when hand-manufacturing only a small number of CD’s.

Donating what money does come in is a very charitable thing to do! Nice one. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ian. I wouldn’t have gotten a bar code either if it wasn’t free in this particular service ( I was actually going to cut one off a detergent bottle, glue it on, and write a little text over it that said “this is not my bar code”. But I didn’t have to. I’ve actually collected a little bit of money to give to the orchestra. Thanks, Mom!

Leon your music is so cool man… hope you enjoying your stay on earth :mrgreen: :laughing:

Congrats… must feel flipping cool to finish your work. That’s my goal man :smiley:

Cheers, Chris

Hi Chris, thanks for listening. Feels good to finish the set, and have the CD in my hand.

Hey Early,

Sorry I’m late to the party - just bought my copy and downloading now. All the very best of luck in your fundraising for your son’s band - hope he realises what a kind dad he’s got!

I’m really looking forward to hearing these again, and especially in the format of an album. I’m going to burn these onto CD as I have a long work journey tomorrow. Will post again after I’ve listened again!


Hi Steve, thanks for picking it up! There are two tracks you wouldn’t have heard, the first and last, plus the others may have been tightened up etc. Hope you enjoy.