[Album] Life In The Big Toe


“Made with Cubase”

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Hi lorra tracks there!!..your production is so clean …love it!!
my fav track I think at the mo was “so blind” thought it was “badfinger” at the beginning but…a good song, you have a very distinctive style which grows with each listen…will listen further when I get more time…cheers, Kevin

Thanks for the feedback Kevin. Much appreciated!

all your stuff is mixed very professionally.well done.

Liked this track. Reminded me for some reason of Abbey Road & early Queen.

Listened all the way through. You have put up many of these songs individually before. It’s all craftily written, excellently performed, and mixed beautifully, in my opinion. You guys are to be congratulated. I don’t know where you’re going with it, but I wish you the best. As Neil B said, it does remind me of Abbey Road and early Queen and others, and that makes me wonder who will appreciate what you’ve done, other than some of us who have been around a while. Could be seen as a new and extremely clever twist (in my opinion) on some earlier popular directions, which still had a lot of room to grow when pop moved elsewhere (e.g., rap, hip-hop). I’m wondering how you see it. I’m also thinking about my own lame efforts in jazz fusion, which was arguably left behind in the eighties or nineties, but I’m still beating my head against it! Anyway, I’m just saying, I’m impressed, first and foremost, by the song writing.

Early21, thanks for listening to the whole production and giving your feedback. That’s a lot of time spent and it’s much appreciated! To answer your question, our approach was to not second guess ourselves and just record whatever came out. That philosophy was applied to the arrangements and production as well. I agree with your analysis regarding the overall sound and its nod to the past. The project could have been made to sound more mainstream and it would have been interesting to hear that version had we the time to do it. It would also be great if it’s current state sparked a musical revolution of some sort (OK now I’m really daydreaming!). As far as where we are going with this, maybe after some more writing a clearer direction will present itself. Thanks again for the listen and we humbly appreciate any feedback.