Album Wizard - Pause settings not part of the preset?

I used to have a preset like “Create CD markers without pause”, which included to set the pause before titles to zero.
But in WL 12, the whole right part of the dialogue window about gaps and silence isn’t stored in the preset.
Is this intentional?


I just did a check, and all these options are saved/restored.
Maybe it’s about an old preset? Try to make a new preset and save/restore.

I’ve just tried it - and it still doesn’t work.
But now I can be more specific:
it doesn’t work when “Title Marker Naming” is set to custom, and the “Rename Markers” dialogue opens first.
(I use it to name the markers after the closest clip name and remove a leading tracknumber).
This is stored correctly in the main preset - but if used, not any information about gaps, pauses and silence anymore. Even when I start from scratch.


Hmm, you are right. This is not normal that the Rename dialog opens when restoring the preset. I add this to my todo list.
Thanks for your report.


Thank you!
(I didn’t even mind that it openend… because often I have to do adjustments there, depending on the actual file names. But it shouldn’t disturb the main preset)

This issue will be solved in 12.0.30

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