Aleatoric box kinda question

Hi all,

I’m transcribing a new composition and I’m failing to get this to work. Can anybody help?

This is indeed possible. I just completed a score with dozens of these :slight_smile: there may be resident tutorials, but if you search youtube for Aleatoric Boxes Dorico, you have the answer. The idea is to use two horizonal lines, one upper and one lower part.

I found that using Note as left attachment and grid position as right attachment was the best solution for making them stay put after having fine tuned their positions in Engrave …

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Thanks for the reply!

I didn’t mean the box itself: I have permission to skip the layout part for now.

My question is about the differing meter (open meter, unlike the 2/4 of the SATB) with alt-enter. It doesn’t seem to work as can be seen in the video. If I try 16/4 using alt-enter it also doesn’t work. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Dorico does not support actual different concurrent note values. Writing simultaneous different meters must be accomplished with hidden tuplets.

So to write 4 whole notes in a 4/4 bar, use a 4:1w tuplet rather than a 16/4 meter. That’s if you want them right on the beats of the bar. If you want to just float 4 whole notes centered in a box you probably want a different solution.

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