Aleatoric structures

Dear ones! Hints on how to rewrite in Dorico such aleatoric structures. Thanks!

You need local time signatures for the staves with repetitions, which you can input via the meter popover (shift-m) and hitting alt-enter instead of just enter.

This will allow you to enter start and end repetition barlines locally at any rhythmic point. For that invoke the Bars Popover (shift-b) and enter e.g. start, confirm again with alt-enter. This will give you a start barline only on one stave. Proceed similarly with the end barline.
If the content of the repetitions doesn’t fit the rest of the orchestra in terms of duration, use hidden tuplets inside.
For the continuation lines, use the horizontal line feature. You can create you own lines easily as you wish.
Lastly, you should hide rests. For that, you can either use for example a slash region with small slashes, where you replace the small slash notehead with 3 spaces, or you can scale/colour the rests to 1%/transparent.

Here’s how I accomplish such things in my compositions (It’s in a composition stage, please don’t judge the staff spacing):

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Thanks klafkid! It’s very helpfull.