Aleatoric techniques?

I was wondering if there is a comprehensive tutorial out there somewhere on how to notate different kinds of aleatoric techniques in Dorico. I’m think about things along these lines:
BW Combat Aleatoric score v2.pdf (141.0 KB)

I stumbled on this tutorial: Aleatoric Boxes in Dorico 3.5 - YouTube

It’s great, but it only deals with aleatoric “boxes” whereas I would also be interested in learning how to create stuff like this:

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I just use note-attached lines. Enter notes at the approximate line peaks, add the lines, hide the notes and stems in Engrave, Remove Rests or otherwise hide them, position the lines as needed. You can suppress playback of the notes if you need to as well. I left the hidden noteheads visible here so you can see them.

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Awesome, thanks so much! Works great.

Do you have a way of go-to method for inserting a single note with undefined pitch? (Similar to this one). (I’d like the notehead to hover above the staff but without ledger lines it that’s at all possible in Dorico)

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Sorry, I’m not home to create a quick example to demonstrate, but in Engrave mode there are Hide Notehead and Hide Ledger Line checkboxes in Properties. You can easily change the diamond notehead by applying a different Notehead Set too.

Found it - great, thanks!

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