alesis i04 and le bundle

Alesis i04 and cubase le bundle
I have gone over and over it .Looked at it with scorn musingly and I still cannot figure out how to get two wharfdale speakers…(and its been a while now) working. Headphone output is perfect. If I take the headphoness lead out and plug a speaker into head output I get one beautiful signal.Aside from buying a headphone jack and running it from the phones I’m lost. I look at the asio4all set up and see the not connected legend. Speaker area seems to be neutral I cant do anything even anything wrong to it. Has anyone else experienced connection fog?


Could you make a screenshot? from your asio4all driver

So becuase yopur using the asio4ll i gues your on win7. Your sure your not pluged in an usb3slot?

You have no sound at all on your speakers or only in cubase? If only in cubase a screen from F4 output would be helpfull.

Greetz Bassbase

Have you actually selected the ASIO4ALL driver in Cubase Devices?