alesis multimix8 usb with Cubase LE 5

i have upgraded from an old tascam us 122 and Cubasis to this 8 channel mixer with Cubase LE 5 and i’m having trouble getting everything working.

i was previously using a behringer usb box to run my powered fender mixer into the computer and everything seemed to work ok.

i have the USB Codec selected on the inputs and outputs in the control panel on the computer.

when i’m running off the sound card of the computer i can see cubase reading sound input from the mic on the labtop, however if i try to record that sound i get nothing. to the best of my knowledge i have everything record enabled and all of that, there are some extra little toys and buttons that cubasis didn’t have, for obvious reasons, and i’m not 100% sure what they all do. (read enable, write enable, etc etc.)

i know if i can atleast get the sound into the program i’ll be able to master it and get it exported but i have no idea why i’m not getting any input.

i’m sure there is something simple that i’m overlooking but its really difficult to cypher through all the lingo and jargon when i’m just basically self teaching myself

Thanks for any help.

Read through the Audio portion of the Getting Started manual to see what’s changed from Cubasis. It’ll guide you step by step.

oh i forgot to mention that the only manuals that were in the box were for the alesis mixer

The manuals are .pdf and are accessed via the Help menu in Cubase.