Alesis Q49 not responding with VST instruments

Evening all

Over the past week I have been playing around with an Alesis Q49 trying to get the instruments in Cubase 6.5 to respond to it. I have Been shown how to on my set up once before last year, so i know it works, but i am struggling to recall the details. I have set up the VST instrument in one channel, and then a separate MIDI channel through which to run the Q49. The Q49 is showing up in the ‘input routing’ so i know it is registering i’m just not getting any response. i know i’m doing something wrong here…

Any ideas?

Cubase screen grab.jpg

see the little speaker icon next to the red record button. Click it.

Come on Dunc. Stick to one thread.

sorry bud, new to this forum, and forums in general. i’m not sure who can see what, just trying to get as much input as possible…

It’s all good. You probably have something messed up with routing. To simplify your connections, start a blank project, and add a single instrument track. Set your q49 as the input routing, add an instrument sound, and configure your output busses as you please. Click monitor. Any sound?

If not, you need to make sure your device was installed in the MIDI Device Manager. Maybe also try with the Control Room disabled.

As Bane sorta noted, you only use one track for a VST instrument, an instrument track.

Typically, a MIDI track is only used when you are going to use Cubase to play (or control) an external device such as a synthesizer or sound module…