Alesis Q49 problem

My midi keyboard Alesis Q49 won’t connect to Dorico. It’s bringing up error messages about malfunctioning of USB port/power surge/unknown USB needs more power than the port can supply.

Does anyone know what these error messages mean? I bought a brand new lead and it’s made no difference.

Welcome to the forum, Janice.

USB devices vary in terms of how much power they need, and USB ports vary in terms of how much power they can put out. At the moment, you have a mismatch: the keyboard needs more power than the USB port can supply.

If it’s a desktop computer, try plugging the keyboard into a port on the back of the computer rather than the front. If the keyboard is currently plugged into a USB hub, try plugging it directly into the computer (or lay your hands on an externally-powered USB hub).

Another alternative would be to buy a dedicated power adaptor for the Q49. According to the Alesis web site, you require one with the following specifications:

Optional Power Adapter: 9V DC 500mA, Pin Positive, 5.5mm outer diameter (not included)

I can’t instantly put my finger on a specific product online that meets these specifications that you could purchase, but you could try contacting a specialist supplier like this one to ask them for their assistance.