Alessis SR16 - CB LE4

Hi, still hoping for some help. I am trying to record SR 16 midi data into new CB LE 4 midi track without succes. I have added SR16 in device set up and set ‘All midi Inputs’ in the midi track midi in selector. I do not get a signal indicating that the SR16 is sending data. I hva beee through the getting started manual and opperator’s manual and can’t seem to find another setup to try.

Thanks for your help


How is your SR 16 connected to what…?
EDIT:I see, PResonus Firebox…!?
So how is the SR 16 connected to the Firebox?

Hi thinkingcap - thanks for your reply. the Alessis SR16 has midiout/thru and midi in, the presonus firebox has a 9-pin midi/spdif I/O with an included adaptor cable. So, I run the sr16 from midi/thru to the presonus fb midi/spdif via midi cable. I was assuming that this would make the midi available to CULE4 fo midi recording if I got the midi track set up properly.

Does this help?

Cheers and thanks


That usually does it. So just to make sure: The SR MIDI out goes to the Firebox MIDI In.!?
So Do the following:
-For the Moment forget about the MIDI devices.
-Set up a MIDI Track
-Choose the Firebox MIDI In port as input of the MIDI Track, instead of “all MIDI inputs”
-Reord-enable the MIDI track also switch on the input monitor just to be safe.
-Play an SR 16 Pad
Do you get MIDI Signal in the meter area of the MIDI Track?

And are you on a PC or on a Mac / which OS…?

Hi Thinkingcap.
PC, winXP
Following your direction I was not able to get signal meter readings in the new midi track setup. (I can get the SR16 audio stream in an audio track, but the midi seems not to work)

Not sure what to do now.



Do you have any other midi cable / Instrument to check…?

Hi. No,the SR16 is the only midi device I’m trying to operate, so I am a bit stumped.



Do you get MIDI activity in the transport panel…’?

Hi Thinkingcap, No the transport meter does not indicate any activity.


Sorry, but are you really sure, your connections are correct, and the cables / SR 16 / Firebox / are working…?
Laresr drivers for the Firebox? You do know where / what the MIDI activity meter in the transport panel is, and have it visible…?

Hi Thinking Cap. I checked the presonus web site, ran the windows driver update wizzard - both say I have the latest drivers. The cabling appears correct- sr 16 thru/out to presonus in.
Thetransport bar shows an in/out activity mete at the right hand side. I have always assumed this was for both audio sample and midi, but if it is not the midi activity viewer, then I am not sure how to bring it to the fore: and I cant find any particular mention for it in the manuals.



Cubase LE 4 PDF manual page 40 “Playback and the transport panel”

Hi. As I said there is no specific mention of a ‘midi activity meter’ in eithor of the manuals, but I maintain my assumption that the activity indicator is for midi and audio, As I have selected "Activity’ selection from the drop down transport menu I am pretty sure that I have all the transport can show me, and it is not indicating any activity.

The MIDI activity meter is shown and named in the image on the page I told you.
The activity indicator has a MIDI “part” and an audio “part”. Anyway, if you don´t get any MIDI activity in the transport bar MIDI activity, then there is most likely something wrong before the signal gets to Cubase (Your interfcae, your cable, your SR 16).

Have you tried this little program to test your MIDI signal on your computer :