Alfresco Fanfare - for a brass ensemble

I also wrote this piece which could be used to celebrate any event. It’s an orchestral brass based piece.

Hope you enjoy this one too.


Hi Jonathan, I thought that what you wrote here made perfect sense as a fanfare, so well done. I thought the brass sounds didn’t quite cut it, so I’m sure this will sound a whole lot better when those who know about these things advise you! If you had X friends who could play it (is that 6 or 7 parts?), that would also be fabulous! You are a good writer!

Thanks Leon. Much appreciated. You’re right, I need to find some friends. Those who can play, of course!


this is better piece than the other one I’ve just listened to but again…it needs some space which will give it atmosphere…where would a piece like this be played and what would it sound like…this space needs adding to the instruments…

Thanks for all the advice everybody. I must apologise because I’ve always heard the music in my head as I know it could and should sound and I didn’t do anything to reflect that when I first recorded this. I only did it as a record of the basics.

What I have now done is make it more spatially aware. I always intended the 2 trumpet sections to be on either side of a stage with a wide separation, (maybe in an above ground space over looking an audience) with the French Horn joining Trumpet 1 on the left and a Trombone joining Trumpet 2 on the right. A second Trombone and a Tuba would sit in the middle.

Hopefully I’ve created some sense of that with the stereo placement. I have added reverb although it could sound as if it were played in a cathedral at times. I quite like it that way but everyone to their own.

Here it is

thank you for listening


Hi Jonathan, it’s definitely better with the reverb and stereo placement. It doesn’t help a lot of the instrument sounds, which just don’t sound so real to me, especially the trumpets. You’re just going to have to hire some players!

Yes, it’s time I pay a higher price. Now, to rob a bank!


Agree that V.2 with the bigger space really makes a huge difference.
It is a great fanfare Jonathan, and as a composition first rate.

I’m less critical of V.2 in terms of “real” sounds, but I do agree that
the patches are not fully authentic.

Glad I’m not in the orchestral domain. :confused:

Thanks Jet. As always, your ears are superb.