Algorithm gone nuts

I was cleaning up a longer speaker recording, that needed a decent amount of help. What was a 45min recording ended up being chopped up into 200 events. Nothing unusual about that.

Then I used Audio Align Pro to line up that audio with an externally processed copy of it I wanted to mix back. So far so good too.

Then I thought, let me make this extension permanent for some house keeping. And things went nuts.

Nuendo prompted me with the not unusual message that an event I was working on shared audio with another event, and whether I wanted to make a new version. Sure, not problem. Happens all the time in DOP. Except, now Nuendo went into a binge with the hard drive, and duplicated the entire 45min audio file 200 times, about 680MB a piece???

I mean I can see that a ‘new version’ means the entire underlying audio file, not just the section of that audio file used in the event in question. But that whole thing is not an unusual scenario and has turned into a run-away train. Nuendo is still copying data for a good 15+ minutes now, and what was a small audio folder has now grown to 136GB and counting.


I guess next time I’ll use render in place instead of making an extension permanent. But a warning would have been nice.

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My workflow for this is to use lanes as normal then duplicate track version then bounce with replace option. I’m on N10 so no extension permanent option.

Edit: I hope you have enough space to archive this sucker.

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I feel you. Bin there, done that. Imagine this to happen with a 3 hour recording working on the system drive with like 30 Gigs left (I know, I know…).
For dialogue it just doesn’t make any sense 99% of the time. I ended up making track versions (like @JulesC ) with backup recordings/edits and rendering into the existing clips.

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