Algorithmix LP Red not working right

Hi all,

I recently built a new DAW (Windows 7 SP 1 64 bit; Asus P8Z77 V-Pro w/ i7-3770K, OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOP 240GB, 16GB GSkill RAM)
My system has been working great.
I bought another license for Cubase 6 -7 / Halion 4 and have a Wavelab 7 upgrade coming.

I needed to transfer my Algorithmix licenses to the new dongle. (LP Red & K-Stereo). I checked with Algorithmix, and when they finally aswered my query, they did not even know if the eLicenser supported their licenses.
I found a Steinberg knowledgebase that listed Algorithmix as supported, so I moved the licenses, which seemed to work. (My new eLicenser report looks like the old one: Frame: Full License / Algorithmix Red: Full License / K-Stereo: Full License)
Installed the K-Stereo and Red; the K-Stereo seems to work; the Red asked me for my email address so I can ‘start the trial’.
I entered my email address for the stereo version of the Red but not the dual mono version. Cubase 6.5 sees the steeo version, but not the dual mono version. It also sees the K-Stereo. Based on old emails from Algorithmix, I have reason to believe that the K-Stereo is running in ‘full’ mode and the Red is running in ‘demo’ mode.
I double and triple checked that I was installing the Full version and not the demo. I rechecked the FTP for Algorithmix as well. (interestingly, earlier, the Syncrosoft section said 'Syncrosoft LLC, but it now says eLicenser / Syncrosoft LLC).
Since it is very hard to reach Algorithmix, I am checking here to see if anyone can shed light on any dongle / licensing problems they have had. I found a thread about it from 2011. The person ended up getting the LP Red run in Wavelab 7 on Windows 7 64 bit, but no-one who offered input gave the details I need to resolve this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as the plugins are very expensive and very good (I use them frequently in mastering work).



Hi George,

the problem is probably that the Algorithmix plugins don’t run with Wavelab’s 64bit version, only with the 32bit version.
If you want to use the 64 bit version you might try a 32bit to 64bit bridge (like jBridge), maybe this works, but I have no experience with it. I use the 32bit version of WL7 on Windows 7 with a syncrosoft dongle for my Algorithmix licenses. Here all my Algorithmix plugins work.

Thanks Lutz,

The problem is not that the plugin doesn’t work (it does work); the plugin will not install properly on my 64 bit Windows 7 system. The LP Red seems to have installed in Demo mode - it doesn’t see the valid full licenses on the syncrosoft dongle AFAIK.

I believe this is the case because when I installed the Red, the installer asked me for my email address to ‘start the trial’. I entered my email address and the plugin is running at the moment, but Algorithmix plugins have a 14 day fully functional trial.
Then the installer asked me to enter my email address for the ‘dual mono’ version of the plugin to ‘start the trial’; I did not enter my email address for the dual mono version, and none of my Steinberg products ‘see’ the dual mono version of the plugin.

Hope that makes sense…

I’m also experiencing issues with PEQ Red and Wavelab 7. It just won’t load in the 64 bit version. I’m on Windows 7 using eLicenser and it works great in WL7 32bit but I really don’t have time to be going back and forth. PEQ Red also is not working in Nuendo 6 but was working in 5.5. Algorithmix isn’t responding. Does anyone have a workaround? This is my favorite and best sounding EQ plugin.

Just installed Wavelab 7 64 bit on Windows 7 64 bit. So far, neither the Algorithmix Red of the K-Stereo shows up after I direct an extra folder pointer to their location (Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/VstPlugins/Algorithmix).

I was expecting that after someone else here said they don’t work in 64 bit Wavelab.

Ironically, they do work in 64 bit Cubase 6.5. I guess the bit bridge or whatever technology accesses 32 bit plugins from 64 bit applications is not the same for Cubase 6.5 and Wavelab 7 (which might make sense, as Wavelab should be very stable - well, they both should, but I am guess Steinberg went to extra lengths to make Wavelab 7 stable).
This is unfortunate, as I have one or two other critical mastering plugins that have not been ported to 63 bit yet. And I doubt Algorithmix is motivated to port their plugins to 64 bit, as it looks like they make most of their revenue from licensing their technology.
This is real unfortunate - by the time Algorithmix can’t ignore the prevelance of 64 bit applications, there may be too many contenders for them to see it as a profitable expenditure of energy to port their plugins to 64 bit. After all, UAudio already offers the K-Stereo, and for a 64 bit platform.

But it is sad - the Red is truly unique. I have heard many Linear Phase plugins, from free to many 100s of dollars, and I have yet to hear one touch the Red in sweetness and clarity. Most are too ‘hard’ or too ‘clinical’.
Maybe the top mastering guys will push Algorithmix to update, but they tend to use ‘turnkey’ systems which may make our problems irrelevant to them. or, to be more direct, they use enough outboard gear that they don’t need to convert to 64 bit anything - OS or Apps - anytime soon, especially if it interferes with their workflow.
For now, I guess I will have to either switch from WLab 64 & 32 bit, or hit the Red & K-Stereo in Cubase on export, but both options are antithetical to my workflow.

Meanwhile, I am still wondering if my Red is going to time out on my new Win 7 system, as I stated ealrier in the thread.
If I find a workaround, I will surely share it.

JBridje works great!