I’m habitually recording at 24 bit, with 44,1 kHz samplerate. For some mysterious reasonI sometimes get quite extreme aliasing (al least I think that’s what it is, it’s certainly not microphone or pre-amp related) when recording vocals. Especially the more grainy vocals seem prone to this. I don’t know how I should remedy this. Switch to 48kHz? And is there a way to de-aliase?


Won’t be aliasing, more likely to be clipping. Check your levels carefully.

Recording in 32 bit float will give you more headroom.

no, it’s definitely not clipping. Signal’s not too hot, level is fine. It’s a sort of harmonic distortion…

Valve warming type plugin? or overdriven audio interface?

No as to the plug in. Overdriven audio interface? Well, the meters look fine, healthy signal, definitely no clipping.

Slap a spectrum analyzer on the channel, the internal cubase one would be ok, and see if there’s any high frequency signal there?

Oh and using 32bit won’t give you any more headroom!

6dB per bit;

16 bit = 96dB

24 bit = 144dB

32 bit = 192dB

48dB more headroom. :sunglasses:

oh dear!

Apart from that your math would be fixed point, not floating point, this won´t apply for recording in relation to input clipping from Analog / digital conversion…
So no, recording in 32 Bit FP will not give you more “headroom” before clipping, as already stated by split.

As your converter is most probably 24bit or if your unlucky 16bit! switching cubase between 24bit and 32fp will not increase the headroom. Cubase always processes internally at 32fp regardless of project setup word size.

The dynamic of the initial recorded signal is a function of your converter/soundcard.

The advantage lies in offline processing and other processes that write files (eg, bounce) to the hard drive. then cubase will use the project setup word length.

Anyway to the OP.

If you’re experiencing something like aliasing it would be wise to check that there is no unwanted high frequency signal getting through. HF oscillation of the mic pre of otherwise, thus a spectrum analisis may be handy to see if there are any unwanted HF spikes.

See Operation_Manual p99.


Who records with FX on Cubases inputs?

No doubt someone does but the point remains as stated.